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Monique Dacheff

“Empowering Music Artists and Children for a More Creative World.”


Founding CEO Monique Dacheff took her expertise to new heights when she curated her innovative high quality performing arts program called PACE Unplugged, Austin Jazz Glitz & Glam Concerts, and Music Blend Studio to produce and create our EMPOWER Podcast. Artistic Education Company advances, advocates, and impacts, and connects with community partners, sponsors, business owners, wineries, affiliates, and local businesses to inspire Arts Rich Communities & School Districts.

Our Mission is to increase access to high quality performing and fine arts education by incentivizing providers to engage in local efforts and by building community partnerships with school districts experiencing cost barriers or by reducing cost barriers to schools without existing performing arts, music, and art education programs.

this is our very beginning.

An acronym for Performing Arts Creative Enrichment services in collaboration with Breve Music LLC,, which works with Artistic Education Company’s innovative outreach mobile music education studio, a performing arts program, targeted to provide after school, seasonal camps, workshops, and private music lessons to students directly on campus. Breve Music LLC also works to produce support systems for music teachers working in collaboration efforts on a school wide project with general education teachers on campus. Our program is supported by the Creative Learning Initiative (CLI) grant, which in turn help us target evidence based learning happening on these integrated project agendas across Austin ISD Schools through our production team to include a video/audio technician, photographer, and education specialist to assist the art and/or music teachers on their project from start to finish. We also offer specialized performing arts classes that focus on jazz and blues with our notable MUSIC EDUCATION WORKSHOPS to build songwriting, instrumental, and vocal skills on scat to sing technique to improvisation with jazz standards, harmonies, and much more! Additionally, we offer music lessons, which is sponsored by one of our trusted affiliates Breve Music. Our motto is that every child feels, “successful when we are building self esteem, self expression, and a strong creative foundation for kids to become future innovators.” 

But we knew this wasn't enough...

We wanted to show Austin residents who our professional jazz musicians are and show children that it's possible to have an arts career, but we knew we needed to support Austin Artists and Musicians. So we curated the Austin Jazz Glitz & Glam Live Music Concert, in support of our company’s vision, mission, and cause. Our sister company, Music Blend Studio, networks with recording production companies, record labels, the cinematographers, and marketing campaign sponsors in support of our cause.

pace unplugged

Our concert performers are involved in our outreach efforts. We put on an affordable yet immaculate live performance for our PACE Unplugged participants [ over 1600 clients including parents, grandparents, guardians from our school districts registered] as well as Austin residents. Our concerts gather a unique cultural landscape by displaying multidisciplinary performances to showcase various musicians, dancers, visual artists. 

live music concerts & Podcast

The Company includes our projects PACE Unplugged, Concerts, and our soon-to-be released podcast named, “EMPOWER.” As a mobile studio we have two location to conduct our podcast both in Austin, Texas and Paso Robles, California.

Due to our success in Austin, Texas, we recently have set our sights on the historically artistic Central Coast California Region, working on bringing our mission and cause there, as well as, continuing our efforts with Austin. Details soon to come. Stay tuned!


Sponsors, Partners, and Affiliates

  • The City of Austin Economic Development and Cultural Arts Division

  • District wide vendor with Austin ISD and the Fine Arts DepartmenT


  • Austin Creative Alliance

  • texas cultural trust