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Austin Jazz Glitz & Glam Concert

Austin Jazz Glitz & Glam Concert

PASIC 2008 ELEPHANT ROOM — Masumi Jones

Masumi Jones

"I remember when I was three years old, I asked my mother to get me a keyboard so I could start taking piano lessons. I was too lazy to practice, but my mother said if I quit piano, I would end up regretting it. I stuck with it until I was 15, and now I do regret that I ever stopped playing piano... When I entered middle school, I joined the school wind ensemble as a clarinet player. I wanted to be a harpist, but there were no opportunities to study harp around my hometown of Fukuyama, a small city in Hiroshima prefecture... When I was 14, I wanted to play in a rockabilly pop band with some of my friends. I got picked to play drums somehow, and I went to try out a group drum lesson with my drummer friend. I could play drums much better than anyone there, and my friend soon quit playing drums. I started to play in a Japanese punk cover band and a pop rock cover band."

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Partially funded by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department & fiscally sponsored by the Austin Creative Alliance.

Norte Sur

Norte Sur


What is Project arts austin concert series?

Our concerts bring together musicians, dancers, and visual artists in a multidisciplinary concert advocating for the Arts for youth at an early age as important, relevant, and essential. We seek to engage Austin residents and tourists through this Arts enriched concert. 

We work tirelessly to keep our concerts affordable 


Our performers either work with our youth directly through PACE Unplugged as teaching enrichment specialists and are upcoming musicians, dancers, and/or local artists impacting and building Arts-Rich Cities. We select performers for our concerts to reflect the local culture and not just what is in the times. With all the new development Austin is undertaking, our mission is to keep Austin as the Live Music Capital of the country. 

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Musicians & Performers

Monique Dacheff founded this visionary culture concert series called, "Beyond the Music, Project Arts Austin," to promote her program, PACE and other innovative program agendas with her non-profit organization, Artistic Education Company.

Norte Sur - Rachel Browne & Eduardo Cassapia

The following is DuoNorteSur - a harpist & oboe player - performing at Artistic Education Company's Project Arts Austin Concert that was October 21, 2016 at the Galvanize, Austin, Texas. 

"NorteSur is a new musical proposal which captures the beauty of various time periods while presenting new pieces. Ethno-musicological research brings diverse unconventional instruments such as Quena and Sikus into its vocabulary, creating a loom upon which a tapestry of diverse colors and texture is spun to life."

Genre: Classical.  Andean Music.  Latin American.  World Music.

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 Los Bohemios Perdidos - Javier Jara and Carlos Ufret 

"Labeled as “a factory of sweet music” by the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo,” the band, Los Bohemios Perdidos, stays true to its Latin American roots, interpreting popular rhythms such as Caribbean nueva trova, bossa nova, bolero, albazo, baguala, and Cuban son, among others. The first album of Los Bohemios Perdidos,”De Una,” is greatly influenced and inspired by the Latin American social song movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s."

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Featuring Benito and Soul Wagon featuring Masumi Jones on drums and tap dancer Yuka Kameda

Yuka Kameda

"Yuka began tapping at the age of 10 in Osaka, Japan. In 2003, she saw the film, “TAP' and the musical, “Bring in Da Noise Bring in Da Funk,' which introduced her to her passion, Rhythm Tap. She joined the funk tap dance company, “Beis Crew,” in 2004 and performed throughout Japan."

See her in action at a workshop, teaching kids how to dance here | Find more about Yuka Kameda here


Felicia McBride - dancer, teacher, trainer, student. 

Felicia’s professional career started at 18 years old when she joined Ballet Austin 2. 

Video of her dance on film | Find more of her work

AUSTIN GALVANIZE 2018 - Monique Dache

AUSTIN GALVANIZE 2018 - Monique Dache

Monique Dacheff (Performer Name, Monique Dache’) is an accomplished songwriter, singer, and performer. She is a Berklee Alumnus of 2000 and hold several advanced degrees in music, education, and business. As founding CEO of Artistic Education Company, she is passionate about helping other musical artists reach their potential. Her Album Landing Page is found at

“Empowering Musical Artists & Children for a more creative world.”

Soul Wagon

"Soul Wagon carries on the soulful and swingin' styles of the enormous collection of music called jazz. Leading the band on piano, Benito stays true to the enduring melodies showing respect to the composers of these great American songs. The band also digs deep into simpler blues forms driven by groove, soul, and raw energy.

. . . The perfect blend of old-school and new-school."

Find more info about Soul Wagon here.