“Empowering musical artists & children for a more creative world.” 

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Our story

Dedicated to change.

Monique Dacheff, founded Artistic Education Company in 2006, a sponsored non profit organization in partnership with Austin Creative Alliance based in Austin, Texas. We are now expanding out to the Central Coast California region. We are a nonprofit organization now ready to impact more US Cities on becoming Arts-Rich Cities. She began this organization determined to protect the Performing & Fine Arts Education and inspire originality and innovation in children.

Our work led us to working closely with school districts throughout Austin, giving us a unique edge as a mobile studio. This mobility emboldens our outreach enrichment agenda and turned into Austin Jazz Glitz & Glam Concerts. Our concerts bring together local musicians, dancers, visual artists in support of the company’s mission and in turn we work with the artistic community to promote their work, networking efforts, and augmenting their existing fan base beyond the community.

Artistic Education Company is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department. 

Felicia McBride-Guerra, dancer

Felicia McBride-Guerra, dancer