What to Expect from A More Creative World Podcast



Artistic Education Co. proudly announces EMPOWER Podcast coming to California and Austin, Texas online streaming and listening soon. 

This Podcast functions to induce feelings of serendipity, curiosity, and reflections through interviewing professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders on ways we as a society may work towards building and creating a more world. At the end of each episode, local musical artists in the region; reinforcing our reputation as a City for the Performing Arts and as lovers of music, art, and dance will be featured for our loyal podcast audience. The monthly digital publication, Music Blend Magazine will feature the musical artists in our Podcast and prepare to explore the technicality of stage and performance, the changes happening in our current music industry, as well as how Musical Artists build up an Music career in today’s world. The challenges of ways to produce music and non existing record label company’s of the 21st century will be explored and analysed, as Musical Artists, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Members of the Community discuss this topic. At the end of each Podcast Session Interview, we welcome the local group or musical artist invited to perform for our listeners some live music and a chance to learn more about the musical artist performing for us in our digital monthly publication of Music Blend Magazine.

Listeners will hear live music, gain insight into their local music scene, how the performing and fine arts communities survive, and feel the ecclesiastical high that Music gives. 

If you are interested in being a guest on our show, please reach out to mdacheff@artisticeducationco.com or atxsongwriter@gmail.com